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Planet 51, a story about an American astronaut who lands on an alien world and tries to get home…
Strip away the over abundant pop culture references and you’re left with a story that is a blatant role-reversal rip off of the likes of E.T or My Favourite Martian. The main character, an egotistical US astronaut Captain Charles “Chuck” Baker (Dwayne Johnson), lands on what he thought was an inhabited planet, only to find that the planet is a mirror of a 1950s Pleasantville society, only inhabited by little green men. The only people err aliens who know that Captain Baker is not an evil alien bent on enslaving their race is teenage planetarium worker Lem (Justin Long), who with the help of his geeky friend Skiff (Seann William Scott) and girl-next-door crush Neera (Jessica Biel), decides to help Chuck get back to his Lunar module before his orbiting vessel returns to Earth.
The problem is that it has since been quarantined by order of General Grawl (Gary Oldman) and his consulting professor Kipple (John Cleese), both hell-bent on capturing the invading ‘Humaniac’ before he supposedly turns everyone on the planet into his Zombie slaves.
The animation is clean and well done, however, it’s hard to watch the movie and ignore the plethora of kitschy 1950s references and bad music.