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Sluggy Caveman Asterix

Part time artist who dabbles in photography, 3D modeling, miniature painting and many other mediums


So we started building the new decorations for this year’s Halloween.

I’ve built 4 Tombstones out of pink insulation foam, carved cracks in them and decorative tops for them. Then we painted them with textured paint… next step is to write the sayings from Disney’s Haunted Mantion on them and puncture the holes for the steaks that will keep them in place.

Other then that, I’ll have to find a good spot for Marge (our 6′ tall animatronic Mummy) and find out if there’s a way I can secure one of our witches to the roof of the garage.

Then it’s the simple stuff, like cob webs, place orange bulbs in the garage lights, place pumpkin lights on the banister for the entrance.

Hopefully we’ll have a better turn out this year then last… concidering it looks like our neighbours will have the lights on this year.

Can’t wait… and to top it off, I get to decorate a house for a kids Halloween party too… MWAHHAHAHAHA!!!